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Welcome to the ChristienCollection, if you have any question please feel free to ask. Im a seamstress in love with Victorian, Gothic, Renaissance, Vampire Clothing. The more flowing fabric the Better, you will see in my blog some supplies I sell and clothing. So of my items can be custom made just ask♥ Enjoy looking and reading and see my shop at http://www.christiencollection.etsy.com/

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday 29th was the hardest day of my life my little girl my dog Obie died after 12 years of feeding bathing sheltering taking her to the doctors hugging loving her and so much more I can say without cring she is now gone and my heart breaks for her every second to some she is a dog to me she was my child my daughter when I was sad she comfort me when I was happy we played when she was mad at me she would let me know I miss her so much I cried my self to sleep and woke up crying and can not get over her not being her, I barried her on my property. She I found out had a brain tummer. It was all of a sudden she started what the doctor thought was a heat stroke and I was very careful when the hummidy was high or anything over 78 to make sure she was in but then in the night she stroked again in I was there for her because I was asleep and did not know .....When I awoke she was daized she knew I was there but could not find me and could not walk and would not stop seizing here eyes were flickering back and forth. My heart breaks because when she needed me I was not there.......... and when taking her to the vets I had to make the discussion and I stated with her she could not stand or find me I gave her special night treat and kissed her and loved on her and she fell asleep for the last time and I just can t bair it. My husband tries to help but my little girl is gone and my heart just breaks for her....12years she was a year older than my son forgive me Im a giving woman who has lost a loved one

This is my Obie: My beloved 15years old and very much will forever be missed I love you Obie

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I need to vent, only because this isn't the first time someone has flagged my shop saying I did not make something when clearly you can tell they are handmade. Serious are people jealous or tyring to get rid of hard working business by calling admin. out on people shop. Seriously I work hard on my items I paid my dues and this is ridiculous I could understand one time but this is not the first and clearly my stuff is handmade you would think since Ive been thought this once admin would just past me by ex specially since I had to take picture of my items and of my craft room and then wanted all my instructions on how to do stuff which in some cases is a little in vases I think this is just .... and its not like its been a year in between time frames I'm talking a couple of months since the last time seriously Im sorry for venting but were else can I go and thank goodness for spell check because when Im made spelling is last on my mind..... ummmmmm

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Love writing in color, Well let see went to Texas for a need Vac. want to go back could live there, We were at the River Walk I loved it went to Sea World little disappointed went to Six Flags had fun and checked out the Alamo. Love the shops and food love it. Im going to try in upload some pics. Check out the one of my husband and son look who got into the picture funny.... My son (Christien) always does fun pictures like of this picture of him at the Alamo and the canon. Love Churches there is a picture of an old Catholic Church the inside was all stain glass it was amazing. I told my husband I could live there for being hot I loved it no humidy☺ I can wait to go on another trip hopefully it doesnt take 34years... Wow after rereading I say Love a lot LOL♥♥♥

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

Yeah I figured it out wooo long day went and got my annual once a year hair cut went from past my back to above my shoulders. Working on getting caught up with everyone on the promotional frenzy team☺ Getting my thoughts towards holidays and what I will need and getting to get ride of abunch of things I thought Id do but Im not so hear is for today or what is left of it


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Classic Victorian Queen

Classic Victorian Queen
Ebony Black Velvet and Vintage Gold Satin

Touch of the Queen

Touch of the Queen
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Saphire Blue and Vintage Gold

Classic Vampire

Classic Vampire

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