Welcome To the ChristienCollection

Welcome to the ChristienCollection, if you have any question please feel free to ask. Im a seamstress in love with Victorian, Gothic, Renaissance, Vampire Clothing. The more flowing fabric the Better, you will see in my blog some supplies I sell and clothing. So of my items can be custom made just ask♥ Enjoy looking and reading and see my shop at http://www.christiencollection.etsy.com/

Friday, January 14, 2011

Blogging and this year

woooo this year already a busy one Im very greatful for that I know this year I will blog more I promiss. I have been very blessed with my shop taking http://www.christiencollection.etsy.com/
Let see what else Ive gain chickens this year 30 of them and there all crazy let see we have monkey chickens that fly from one tree to another, we have circus chicken that walk gate fences and they all run like off of drastic park and then I have fallen for one that looks like an eagle in the face but will sit on my shoulder and look around yep thats right it will fly from the couple to my shoulder I will have to get a picture up, man everyone one says are chickens are special because they have never heard chicken doing this but heck they grow personalities when you talk to them everyday LOLOLOL. Anyways this year I will be adding tons more to my shop promiss so come see me much love to all☺♥♥♥


Link to trailor movie my item will be in.



What would you like to see me make in myVictorian, gothic,classic, vampire clothing line?

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Classic Victorian Queen

Classic Victorian Queen
Ebony Black Velvet and Vintage Gold Satin

Touch of the Queen

Touch of the Queen
Up close



Saphire Blue and Vintage Gold

Classic Vampire

Classic Vampire

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