Welcome To the ChristienCollection

Welcome to the ChristienCollection, if you have any question please feel free to ask. Im a seamstress in love with Victorian, Gothic, Renaissance, Vampire Clothing. The more flowing fabric the Better, you will see in my blog some supplies I sell and clothing. So of my items can be custom made just ask♥ Enjoy looking and reading and see my shop at http://www.christiencollection.etsy.com/

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hi everyone Im blogging because Ive had a horific day and need to vent..... First let me let you in on a secrete that I was unaware of and for you that dont know need to know.... Did you know snakes can climb trees......... Well, they can and I had two do that right next to my house big black snakes going after the birds in the tree. Im on the phone to my neighbor she is talking to me to calm me down my 9year old son wants to go kill them with his beebee gun Im scared to death. Oh its gets better, eventually a snake thats right one snake comes down the other who knows at this rate it grew wings and flew off, why not I have just been made aware that they can jump and climb trees, I guess hands dont mean anything.... so why can t they fly right... Well, my neighbors husband came do God bless his soul and got the snake thats right no (s) who know were the other one is... By the way I have a black lab or I did last year he was black this year brown next year maybe white.. hmmm Ill let you know. He was barking and let me know this..why am I tell you this because he 30 mins later starts barking and Im thinking oh maybe the other snake wanted to come down and join the party nope.... I go out side and what is my dog barking (his name is Jack)at a turtle the size of a socker ball..give me a break really seriously... I yell for my son to come out he's 9years old I wanted him to see this.. then I look over and my other dog Obie she is tring to kill something. I having a golf club in my hand take a deap breath and send my son carefully over to take a look maybe its what yes the other snake well thats what I was thinking ( and yes Im aware I sent my 9 year old over instead of going first I physically couldnt move that terrified and I was told by my neighbor, my twin sister, my husband that our son needs to learn. I person would love him to be obilivous but living in the country not going to happen). Anyways not know that one of the snakes had injuried a bird and that was what Obie was kill over there, my son starts cring and screaming Im now physically able to move (mom thing I think) Hes yelling she's killing my chicken Im like crap what he runs off I look at what is going on and a relize the snake had gotten a big bird that looked a lot like my son's baby chicken. Crap again.. So I barey the bird called my son out took him to the chicken coop to assure him his chickens were ok and that I had baried the bird. He went inside and then... Jack starts barking again.Really seriously how much more. God sent me a laugh to break the tension. Our crazy black lab was playing fetch with the turtle, Jack went and got his ball and was threwing it to the turtle to play. I have pictures to prove and to show after all this why should I be the only one to laugh☺ Much love to until the next time♥♥♥♥

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My husband wants to see me more in some comforible dresses kind of like this maxi dress or a kimono dress. but do they make them short and round I know I know make one your a seamstrest but you once I like to buy something that fits sooo do they make them in umpa loopa size......
Yeah I can still see my pictures♥♥♥Wow it has been raining here, for two days, I need the sun but I dont can't imagine the humididdddyyyyy (I cant remember how to spell that word so that will work for now LOL). My son is on summer vacation he is happy but weren't we all at that age of young☺ Creating Creating Creating still havent found my glow in the dark fabric yet any ideas through it this way or even a clothing spray. Out for now Much Love as always♥♥♥

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hi thought Id share this it was soo cool all these different colors birds I wasnt quick enough to get the carnels though but heres some☺ Oh in the third picture I think it is can you spot the bird LOL
Hi there, everyone Im threwing out a call for help for my son's school. Small area and they keep cutting funding to the schools there even closing schools and combinding them. What Im asking is for is you Box tops, my son's school takes boxes tops seriouly and even has complitition between class to get everyone involved. Let me know if you need a couple of stamps to send them this way. Please send them to 116 w 205th Scranton, Ks 66537 Attn: ChristienCollection

Your support would be greatly need for the school.♥♥♥

These are items in my store that Ive been doing since my blog went down. www.christiencollection.etsy.com


I was just given this from Haunted and Spooky from Midnight Dreams from etsy. www.midnightsdreams.etsy.com

One of those tutus glow in the dark no black light needed I have it listed in my shop www.christiencollection.etsy.com and you can see the picture of it in the dark☺

YEAH, Im back in business : Here is some pictures I have been tring to upload♥♥♥
Can anyone help me I can not upload or see my pictures on my computer all I see is red x's does anyone out there know how to fix this???

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hi there Im YELLING for help Im asking anyone can you help me fix my blog I have red x's on my pictures and can not upload and pictures, Ive ask google to help but Im not getting a lot there I ve cleared out my history, cookies and ect any other ideas PLEASE


Link to trailor movie my item will be in.



What would you like to see me make in myVictorian, gothic,classic, vampire clothing line?

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Classic Victorian Queen

Classic Victorian Queen
Ebony Black Velvet and Vintage Gold Satin

Touch of the Queen

Touch of the Queen
Up close



Saphire Blue and Vintage Gold

Classic Vampire

Classic Vampire

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