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Welcome to the ChristienCollection, if you have any question please feel free to ask. Im a seamstress in love with Victorian, Gothic, Renaissance, Vampire Clothing. The more flowing fabric the Better, you will see in my blog some supplies I sell and clothing. So of my items can be custom made just ask♥ Enjoy looking and reading and see my shop at http://www.christiencollection.etsy.com/

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hi there, everyone Im threwing out a call for help for my son's school. Small area and they keep cutting funding to the schools there even closing schools and combinding them. What Im asking is for is you Box tops, my son's school takes boxes tops seriouly and even has complitition between class to get everyone involved. Let me know if you need a couple of stamps to send them this way. Please send them to 116 w 205th Scranton, Ks 66537 Attn: ChristienCollection

Your support would be greatly need for the school.♥♥♥

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Classic Victorian Queen

Classic Victorian Queen
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Touch of the Queen

Touch of the Queen
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Classic Vampire

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